Executive Flight Training

Raleigh Executive Jetport (KTTA), Sanford, NC

commercial pilot course

Achieving a commercial pilot certificate is the next step to an aviation career. As a Commercial pilot you are eligible to fly as a career for pay. If you are curious about the steps involved in the process here they are.

steps in our flight training program

The FAA sets standards for all flight training. The regulations for Commercial Pilot requires a minimum of 250 hours of flight time total. Below are all the steps from start to finish.

  • Make an appointment to visit us and meet your instructor. You will be shown all the requirements and the training syllabus will be discussed.
  • Schedule your first few hours of training with your instructor. If you do not have the required 10 hours of complex aircraft time you will start with that training in our Piper Arrow.
  • For commercial flying you will need a second or first class medical certificate. There are numerous physicians in the area who are able to do this.
  • Continue your training which will include cross country flight and flights to busy airports.
  • Study for and complete a written exam. You flight instructor will assist in preparing you for this exam.
  • Once all your training is complete you and your instructor will schedule your oral exam and flight test with an FAA pilot examiner.
  • Meet the pilot examiner for your oral exam followed by your flight test.
  • You are done! You are a commercial pilot! If you wish to use our aircraft for your future flights you can.