Executive Flight Training

Raleigh Executive Jetport (KTTA), Sanford, NC

privacy policy

We collect and keep some private information from you for these purposes.
  • We need a phone number and address to be able to locate you at times and we also need to be able to locate family members in the event of an emergency.
  • We use your credit card number to bill you for flight time and/or lessons but we do not store your credit card number online or in any database.
  • The FAA requires that we keep records of your flight training and of the various logbook endorsements we give.
  • The TSA requires that we review a copy of your birth certificate or US Passport. This is not kept.
  • If you request it we use information you provide, email and phone number, to send reminders to you of upcoming aircraft reservations or scheduled lessons.

We do not sell or voluntarily provide your information to any other business for their marketing purposes.

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