Executive Flight Training

Raleigh Executive Jetport (KTTA), Sanford, NC

sight seeing & discovery flights

Discovery Flight

We offer 30 minute Discovery Flights for $99 to introduce someone, or yourself, to flight. Maybe you are thinking about learning to fly. A discovery flight is a great introduction to help you decide if flying is for you. If you are considering getting your pilot's certificate or would like to give the gift of flight to a friend or loved one, please consider scheduling a Discovery Flight with us.

Includes approximately 30 minutes of ground instruction where we review the airplane systems and perform the aircraft preflight inspection. Next is a 30 minute flight with you at the controls!

Sight Seeing Flight

Takes you or the pilot to be in your life on a sight seeing trip nearly anywhere in the area. The fee for a sightseeing flight is $175/hour for up to three people (weight permitting).