Executive Flight Training

Raleigh Executive Jetport (KTTA), Sanford, NC

Here at Executive Flight Training and Services we embrace the world of general aviation for one reason, we love to fly.

Our Managing Director Carson Willis has served as our Chief Pilot since 2017 and is a CFI, CFII, MEI with more than 5,500 hours of experience. Carson began flying in 1995 and was hired with a regional airline flying the Beech 1900 at the age of 22. He left the airline industry as a Captain on the CRJ 200/700 in 2007, but his passion for flying remains. He continues to train new students, develop & mentor our CFI’s and share his love of aviation. Carson is also a Wealth Advisor with Pinnacle Financial Partners in Raleigh, NC.

David is a Gold Seal instrument, single (land and sea) and multi-engine flight instructor who has been flying since 1998. He is an FAA FAASTeam Representative, a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight and a Young Eagle pilot volunteer for EAA Chapter 1114 in Apex. In 2010 he was selected as the EAA Outstanding Chapter Coordinator for Young Eagles. He holds instrument and advanced ground instructor certifications and has taught aviation ground school at Wake Tech Community College. His previous company, Wildon Software, provided initial support for the Operation Fly NC program. David, an NC native, lives in Cary. (See Gleim CFI Directory)

Gene is a dedicated flight instructor (CFI, AGI) and also a member of our administrative staff as the Secretary of the board of Directors. Gene has over 35 years of flight experience and more than 4,500 hours with a history of membership in military flying clubs all over the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and even Guam.

Joshua is a North Carolina Native who was raised in southeast Raleigh near what is now known as Fuquay Angier airfield, a short grass strip. His first flight was at 8 years old in an old wooden, tandem seat Aeronca Champ. As soon as the plane left the ground, he screamed to have the pilot land. On short final however, he got over his fear, and fell in love with aviation. He swept hangars in exchange for rides in old WW2 trainers, and some cool modern aerobatic planes. He decided to pursue a career in aviation in the fall of 2018. With only 1 hour in his logbook, he started part 61 training, and in late 2019, he obtained his Commercial ASEL. Now, as of spring 2022 he is a CFI with over 800 hours dual given. He is also a Medivac pilot for fixed wing operations at local hospitals, as well as a charter captain for a local 135 operation. Josh enjoys challenging pilots young and old to exceed their own expectations. He always tells everyone he quit working for a living when he started flying.

I'm a Penn State grad that worked as a Computer Engineer for the first 30 years of my life. I decided it was time to fulfill my teenage dream. So, I quit my job and focused on getting a pilot certificate. Then I realized I needed my instrument rating to really fly the skies. Soon after, other CFI's started whispering in my ear "You really should be a CFI". I've been fortunate to fly many types of planes (C172, C182, C337, Kodiak, warriors, BE55, Maule) from coast to coast. I am looking forward to training the next set of safe pilots!

Michael is a CFII dual-rated commercial pilot, and a military aviator. Growing up in Biloxi, MS and seeing military aircraft approach a nearby base, he dreamed from a young age of becoming a pilot. After joining the Army as an infantryman and deploying throughout the Middle East, he knew it was time to make that dream a reality. He immediately pursued flight training full time and achieved his B.S. in Aviation. Moreover, once completed with civilian flight training and still having a desire to serve, he went to Army flight school and is now an AH-64 Apache attack pilot with the NCARNG.

I have had a fascination with aviation since childhood. I remember the moment that I decided I wanted to be a pilot. While out boating with my family, I witnessed a sea plane practicing takeoffs and landings on the lake. It was awesome to watch and I said “that’s going to be me someday”. I received my private pilot’s license in 2018, and then later enrolled in flight school at a local college. I graduated in May of 2022 with my CFII. Though I don’t have my seaplane rating (yet!), I’m very excited about working as a CFII and embracing future opportunities within aviation!

Sean is a CFI and CFII, born and raised in New York and recently moved to North Carolina. Sean's love of flying started when he was 12 years old when his dad took him to visit a friend’s hanger. Sean got to sit in a Su-26 aerobatic plane and spend time flying in a simulator. He realized that day that flying was destined to be in his future. As Sean got older, he pursued a career as a project manager and plumber, and was brought back to flying when he was gifted an intro flight lesson for his birthday. That lesson changed his life. Almost immediately after landing he decided that flying would be more than just a hobby and left his job to enroll into a full time flight school. After completing flight school, Sean worked as a flight instructor in New York before relocating to North Carolina and joining Executive Flight Training. He is excited for the new adventures and opportunities NC and Executive Flight Training hold.

Mark received his first flying lessons as a 38th birthday gift from his wife who was tired of hearing about wanting to fly ever since watching Sky King as a kid. Jan thought this would get it out of his system. She claims she hasn't seen him since. In 2012 Mark moved to North Carolina after 20 years in Colorado, where his teaching included mountain flying in the Rockies. He has been a volunteer pilot with Angel Flight, Lifeline Pilots and Pilots & Paws and is am aviation attorney as well as a commercial pilot and CFI/CFII.

Andy decided to take up flying while away on deployment after speaking with another soldier who used to fly traffic watch. Now that he’s retired from the Army National Guard after nearly 27 years of service, Andy enjoys helping pilots reach their goals. He’s a volunteer for Angel Flights, Pilots N Paws, Veterans Airlift Command, and Operation Airdrop. Andy’s experienced in 30 types of general aviation planes, and fly’s a Mooney M20J 201 out of TTA.

Dan started flying as a student in 1998 and is an instrument rated private pilot who also holds a certificate of professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography. Dan served as the President of EFTS from incorporation until January of 2013. He currently resides in the Tacoma, WA area and continues to work with EFTS through online collaboration and the occasional transcontinental flight. Dan currently flies his Bonanza F33A out of Pierce County, "Thun Field" in Puyallup, WA.